Matt and Amanda

Rain on Your Wedding Day

“Rain on your wedding day is good luck” they always say! …and although everyone wants some good luck, you never see anyone praying for rain on their wedding day! Amanda and Matt planned out a dream wedding! Every little detail was planned out and it was beautiful! … They each got dressed and ready at adjacent family homes with their closest friends and family! This is also where they exchanged sentimental notes before the wedding! They were married at Cedar Square Church where there were lots of laughs, and tears! The reception was on their family land, where they first met and where they got engaged! Sentimental location with lots of sentimental touches throughout! It was a Pinterest dream wedding! …and as luck would have it, it poured for their reception! …and although things didn’t go as planned, it was perfection! The rain brought out everyone’s true colors! Their inner beauty shined brightly as they joined together to move tables under the tents, shared umbrellas and danced in the rain! Amanda and Matt’s family and friends helped them have the type wedding you only see in romance movies! It was pure magic! …and the joy on everyone’s faces dancing in the rain was contagious! Mr. and Mrs. Canoy, I pray that every time it rains it reminds you of this day! May it remind you of how loved you are, how blessed you are, how lucky you are and how magical your wedding day was!