High Point Rockers - First Home Game

High Point Rockers, BB&T Point had their inaugural opening day today! The High Point Rockers opened up the BB&T Point Stadium with a sold out, eager crowd! There was definitely excitement in the air even as you walked into the stadium. Inside the High Point Rockers stadium is beautiful! They did a great job on the stadium and it feels very family friendly! There are rocking chairs throughout, seating that goes all the way around the stadium, a large playground area for the kids and lots of places to put your food or drink down for the SRO people! The concession lines were long for the opening day but the food was yummy! We had the Batter-up Basket and HomeRun Basket complete with homemade chips! The souvenir cups were a hit and it seemed like everyone purchased one! The fan shop was packed and the prices were fair! Overall, we loved it and we will definitely enjoy more family fun nights at the High Point Rockers games!