Mason - LHS Senior

High Point Senior Photographer

Seniors ask me all the time, “What should I wear?” “What should I bring?” “Where will we go?” …and my answer is always the same “YOU do YOU.” Let’s do YOU! When it comes to clothing, what makes you feel amazing? What are you confident and comfortable in? For Mason, that was an awesome variety! He was comfortable in his joggers and white shirt…and was undeniably confident in his suit! What should you bring? Well, that’s different for everyone! What are you into?? Sports? Band? Art? …bring something that represents who you are today! Again, for Mason, I loved his variety! He loves cars and had a friend bring a gorgeous Porsche to his senior session! The Porsche made such a statement in his photos and you could tell Mason felt like a million bucks beside of it! Mason also loves baseball and football and brought his uniforms for some dusk photos! Where will we go? Let’s pick locations together that will best represent the look you’re going for! I want some who knows and loves you to say “That’s soooo _____.” …and if you know him, I think you’ll say his senior portraits are sooooo Mason!