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I'm an outgoing, life loving mom of three, four if you include Duke, our yorkie! I'm married to my best friend and business partner! My family is my heart and soul; I'm blessed beyond measure to have them!

I'm half Mexican and half German and live to experience life!  I love to travel, love to explore and love everything that makes us all unique!  I'm all about creating memories ...and capturing them on camera is huge for me!

I'm a horrible writer and maybe that's why I'm such a storyteller in my photography style! I love looking at photographs and instantly being pulled back in to those emotions of the day! One of the greatest compliments is a bride saying "I looked through our photographs and I smiled, laughed and cried!" YESSS! That's the good stuff! ...and yes, totally a country music fan!

I'm addicted to Mt. Dew and love going out to eat; anything topped with avocado or guac makes my list!  I love any reason to get dressed up but yoga pants and a Target tee are the daily go-to! I eat way too much Nutella and start a new diet more often than I care to admit; the struggle is real!

As cheesy as it is, I love LOVE!! ...and that's not limited to couples and weddings! I love the bonds and genuine love people have for each other! I strive to capture the love, spirit and of course, the fun within us all!!  

I love meeting new people and LOVE that photography has allowed me to do just that! Let's get together! Can't wait to meet you!