Madison and Nolan

Old Homeplace Vineyard Wedding

Old Homeplace Vineyard in Winston Salem, NC is where Madison and Nolan’s happily ever after began. They tied the knot under a gorgeous pergola adorned with flowers by Beverly’s Florist. Nolan had the sweetest reaction to seeing his bride I have ever seen! It was literally like he was saying “Thank you Jesus!” …and I believe he was! Madison looked stunning in her gown and her peony filled boutique was just perfection!

The reception was a P-A-R-T-Y thanks to Randy Smith from Your Personal DJ! He kept the dance floor on fire!!! …It was so fun to watch Madison and Nolan and all of their family and friends celebrate with them! Cupcake Cuties didn’t disappoint with their delicious desserts!! We worked alongside Landon Grant Productions on videography! They were awesome to work with and were definitely team players! It was a great day and was definitely a “Best Day Ever!”