Family Portraits, just like everything else in life, don’t always go as planned. This family came to Tanglewood with plans of getting family portraits in the beautifully landscaped Arboretum. There were trees in bloom and all sorts of beautiful flowers! The boys fell asleep in the car and woke up grumpy. These were less than excited for pictures! …and although we walked around for a while, they just weren’t having it.

I suggested packing up and going to a nearby park…and our amazing, go with the flow, Mom was definitely willing to give it a try! We drove over and they got out of the car first. …and started playing with the boys. When I could tell they were having fun, I came out and started photographing them being kids! …and it was magic.

Although it wasn’t what we originally planned, Mom’s willingness to go with the flow, allowed us to get some treasured childhood portraits…and document their innocence - and the pure joy of children at play - at this stage!