L'abri at Linwood | Samantha and Robbie

Samantha and Robbie were married at L'abri at Linwood overlooking the pond, with all guests comfortably in the shade from the tall trees on the property!  As Samantha started walking down the isle, Robbie was immediately moved to tears! ...and it wasn't long before one of their little boys was moved to tears too! It was the sweetest thing!  Samantha and Robbie have the biggest hearts and the most contagious smiles! They love to laugh together and the rest of us can't help but smile!  

Samantha's hair was glamorous thanks to Evolution Salon and Day Spa.  The gorgeous florals and flower piece in her hair was by Beverly's Florist.  Her wedding gown was from David's Bridal. The Buttercup Cafe filled our bellies!  ...and I have never seen this before but I thought it was the most considerate thing... they had a kids only buffet complete with fruit cups, macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders!  Since the bride and groom are parents, I assumed that was their motivation but I was surprised to find out that The Buttercup Cafe actually offered and suggested it.  How thoughtful is that!?  Kevin Pope, otherwise known as, DJ Bald-e is one of our favorites! When you attend LOTS of weddings, you start having favorite vendors! DJ Bald-e is definitely on that list! ....and the venue, L'abri at Linwood is definitely one of our favorites too!