Kaleigh and Tyler

Wallburg Engagement Session

Kaleigh, where did you and Tyler meet?

We were college sweethearts ( Go cats !). We met through one of our mutual friends which was his roommate and fraternity brother. The first thing he ever said to me was “nice boots”. So it’s forever our favorite thing to say to each other. Luckily, the Kappa Sigma ( his house ) and the Alpha Chi Omega house ( mine ) were basically side by side so we always bumping in to each other until we made it official.

How did he propose?

He actually purposed right after we bought our house in the spring of 2017. I came home from work and he had cleaned the house ( I mean as clean as it can be with all the boxes ) and made his family’s secret chili recipe ( so good ). And he purposed after being super weird all evening. I was TOTALLY not expecting anything. And later, I found out his mom had been storing my ring for a whole year and I never suspected anything.

Describe your engagement session with Yasmin Leonard Photography.

Our engagement session was amazing. Ty is not a big picture person but he said he actually had fun ! We always say that we are a super quirky couple so getting to be ourselves and feel completely comfortable was one of the best parts. I also loved that it went smoothly and had a beautiful backdrop. I already knew you took beautiful pictures ( I’ve been swooning since day one when you started ) but I feel like you have an even better personality . So amazing to work with! Can’t wait for the wedding and bridals!!!