4 Reasons Why You Should Have An Engagement Session

You have decided on a photographer and now you are trying to decide between the different packages.  One comes with an engagement session and one doesn't, now what?  You have a bestfriend that owns a nice camera and she's offered to do the pictures. ...let her do them for free or pay the extra for your photographer to do them?  Schedule the engagement session AND schedule it with your wedding photographer! ...and here's why!

1.  Connection

The engagement session is all about building a personal relationship and building a connection.  For most of us, it's not natural for us to be ourselves within the first few minutes or hours of meeting someone.  Many times, we reserve a little bit of our fun, silly side and even the PDA side of the relationship for people we have a deeper connection with.  Well, the engagement session is all about building a connection, getting to know each other and letting loose with one another. It's about making you feel 100% comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera! Once that connection is built, you'll be yourself on your wedding day and will get more genuine, candid moments.  

2.  Builds Trust

An engagement session is as much about building trust as it is building connection! Trust is huge! You hired your photographer because you love their work! You don't know how they achieved the look and feel, but you love it! ...and that's awesome! They have vision and know how to best work with the available light, the location and know which poses to suggest when.  ...and that doesn't always make sense to everyone.  During the engagement session, the photographer is going to suggest poses and even locations that you may have never considered.  There's a reason for it!  ...and once you see the photographs - and love them - you'll trust that your photographer will do everything perfectly on your wedding day! 

3.  Memories ...and of Course, Pictures

Let's be honest, time flies!  The engagement season of life will be over before you know it! Take time and soak it in! I know you're busy planning the wedding but take time to really soak in this stage too! These pictures will be treasured!  This stage will be treasured!  Take time to document this stage too!  Once you do, use those pictures for your wedding!  Many couples have them for Save-the-Dates, guest gifts, table displays and guest books.

4.  It's Fun!!

I know, I know! You just asked your fiance if he wants to do photos and he's less than excited about it ...but I promise you, the session is FUN!  Consider it a date night! Get dressed up, take romantic pictures together (or fun, silly pictures together) and then head out to dinner! Make a night of it!  You honestly won't regret it!