Michelle and Alex

Barn at Blueberry Hill - November 7, 2015

Picture this…you have planned your fairytale, picture perfect wedding for over a year.  You have thought about, organized and planned every last detail to insure everything goes perfectly.  …and then, your wedding day comes and it’s a cold, super overcast day with rain forecasted right around your ceremony time!  It’s 2 hours before your wedding and you have to make a decision…proceed with your vision of a beautiful, outdoor ceremony or move it inside?  You have dreamed of an outdoor wedding and proceed with your plan, hoping for the best!  “Let’s do it outside still!” 

It’s time.  The music starts.  Everyone gets into position.  Just as your bridesmaids start walking down the aisle it begins to pour, just as the radars promised.   Worst case scenario just happened!  What happens next is 100% based on your attitude.

A picture says 1000 words…see for yourself how Michelle and Alex’s cold, rainy wedding day played out!!

The love, happiness and joy I witnessed on this rainy day will always stick with me and I hope it does with you Michelle and Alex!  I hope you continue to keep this positive outlook and overall love for each other anytime life doesn’t go exactly as planned.