Yasmin Leonard Photography is now scheduling 2018 Seniors!


HELLO SENIORS!!! (and their parents!)

I am beyond excited you have contacted me!  I LOVE senior sessions and love customizing each and every one for the particular senior. Throughout this blog, I'll address some commonly asked questions.  If I left anything out, feel free to ask!


What should I wear?

Dress in whatever makes you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable.  I used beautiful - and that goes for guys and girls - dress in whatever makes you feel awesome!  If that's an old pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, bring them!  If you love to "dress to impress," let's do it!  I want to document who YOU are and I'll be able to do that best when you feel great!  

I don't limit how often you are allowed to change.  I personally love the variety!  So I'd suggest you change at least 4 times.  Just keep in mind that changing takes away from our shooting time, so plan to change quickly! 


Where will the session be?

Sessions are done within the Triad; typically within 30 minutes of High Point, NC.  We'll discuss where together though!  Think about what makes you, you!  Where do you feel most at home?  If that's the city, we'll go there!  If that's the great outdoors, we'll find a great property!  AND if you're a little of both, we can allow time during your session to go to two different locations.  If you need ideas or suggestions, I have them!  ...but first, I want you to think of what you like and we'll go from there!


Can I include my sport, hobby or interests?

Absolutely!  Please do!  I LOVE including what makes you, you!  I've said that a few times, do you get the idea!?  I want this session to be ALL ABOUT YOU!  I want your friends and family to see these and say "That is soooo (insert your name here)."  So if you're in the band, definitely bring your instrument!  If you're a swimmer, let's go to the pool!  If you have played basketball since you were 4, by all means, let's go to the gym!  The only catch is, you're responsible for getting permission to use any school or private property.

Don't play sports?  Not in the band?  No problem!  I wasn't either!  What makes you - you - may be a ball cap, a great pair of sunglasses, or maybe going barefoot!  Don't stress about what to bring!  Sometimes less is more anyway!


When should I book? 

Again, that's up to you!  Many seniors book in July and August.  If you are wanting to use your senior portraits for your senior page in the yearbook, check with your school to see when they are due!  ...and schedule accordingly.  After your session, it typically takes 10-12 days to get your images back.

If you don't need them for your yearbook, you're really free to schedule whenever you'd like!  Some seniors really love the Fall or Spring and will wait to schedule for that time of year.

Regardless of the time of year, book early!  YLP usually books up two months in advance.

Senior Sessions are booked on Monday - Thursday; with limited availability.  Weekends are reserved for weddings. 


How much is a session?

Senior Sessions are $375 and include the digital images with print release.  Images are delivered via online gallery within two weeks.  Sessions are booked 2 hours before sunset or right at sunrise.

Bestie Sessions:

*Do you have a friend that shares the same interests as you?  Consider booking your session together!  What that means:  You and your bestie will be photographed at all the same locations individually.  While one is changing outfits for the next location, I'll be photographing the other.  Each of you will be posed and photographed to best represent you but you'll both be photographed at the same locations.   These Bestie Sessions are $550 - $275/senior.  2 1/2 hours are allowed for these sessions.

If you'd like to book, email me at yasminleonardphotography@yahoo.com or message me on FB @YasminLeonardPhotography.  If you'd like to chat, call me at 336-848-0003.

Looking forward to hearing from you!